Nature reserve Teleborg

The nature reserve is situated in the eastern part of Teleborg.

The nature reserve is situated in the eastern part of Teleborg. It is located near the water tower and ends in the western and northern part where the buildings start and in the eastern part, where the lake Trummen in situated. You can find cut down terrain, open fields, meadows filled with flowers and deciduous and conifer forests.

At the bottom of the area by the bay Skirviken, there is a wetland area which is a bird protection area. There are two towers there for bird-watching. The grounds around Teleborg has been used since the stone age. The eldest traces of humans are two old graveyards from the iron age. There are several walking trails through the reserve, and also a resting place with a magnificent view over Växjö and the surrounding nature.

Teleborg's nature reserve is full of life, for example, you can find the birds crane, Eurasian Curlew, skylark, Spotted Nutcracker, common whitethroat, Western Marsh Harrier and Marsh tit here. When it comes to flowers, the species cowslip, common milkwort, devil's-bit and wolf's bane grow in the meadows, and mosses and lichens grow on the trees. You can find both old oak trees, European crab apple and hazel.

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Naturreservatet Teleborg
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