About Experience Växjö

This is Växjö's official visitor and experience guide. The site is just as much for you who already live here, as for those who want to visit Växjö.

The website is a source of information for anyone who wants to experience Växjö and its surroundings. Here, residents, visitors and tourists find culture, sports, activities, events, adventures, accommodation, restaurants, and much more. The site is operated and maintained by the municipality of Växjö. The content on the site are from Växjö municipality, Växjö's visitor industry, culture and associations, business and many others.

Photos on the site

Most of the photographs on the site belongs to the content owners.

However, there are also pictures bought by the photographers: Lina Alriksson, Anders Bergön, Alexander Hall and Mats Samuelsson. These images are mainly used with content that is considered to be important for the municipality of Växjö from a brand perspective.

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