Biking: Växjö round, 40 km

Växjö around is a more than 4 km long walking and cycling route around Växjö town. The route connects the six lakes, natural environments and the city's residential areas.

Just over four miles long Växjö Round (Växjö runt) makes a complete lap around the city and connects the six lakes, the eight nature reserves and the city's residential areas. The well-marked trail offers well-known environments, but also several surprises that are hidden for those traveling by car. Bridges and water at the Trummen and Helgevärma, Knutsgårds bright heights, Fylleryd's pine forest and the narrow track to Evedal. Along the route there are several resting places with baths and jetties, viewing and barbecue areas, wind shields and other amenities. Pack the picnic basket and enjoy a few hours through urban nature! Show consideration and we all enjoy the Växjö line around. NOTE! As of March 27, Norra Sjörundan is included as a detour on the unique route Växjö Runt. New bi-directional roadmap applies throughout 2020 between Bergsnäs - Sanden in the Bokhultet nature reserve. Växjö Municipality develops Bäckaslöv and builds a new district with housing and space for offices, retail and a new elementary school. The stretch of road past Bäckaslöv will be closed in the future.


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