4H-farm in Växjö

In Hovshaga north of Växjö center is Växjö's 4H-farm, a meeting place for all children and young people who love animals and want a meaningful leisure time.

The farm is always open to the public - the animals are in their pastures and you are welcome to greet them over the fence.

Horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and chickens - there are many animals in the yard and the children can help the staff and the caretakers to take care of them. Our range of activities revolves mostly around the animals, but we also do other fun things. Here is something for everyone!

All of our activities are based on our vision and four H: Head, Heart, Hand and Health. Learning by doing is our motto!

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Kronoberg Stora Fjäll Gamla Kronobergsvägen
352 62 Växjö


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