National park Åsnen

Discover Åsnen, a national park since 2018! When it comes to nature, there is no quality marking more weighty than a national park.

Åsnen was made a national park in March 2018, which means that the nature in the surroundings is unique and of international interest. The national park is 1873 hectare, and 75% of the area is water.

The main entrance is situated by the bridge Sunnabron near the narrow that leads to the largest island in Åsnen, Sirkön. Hiking paths leads to Bjurkärr. Bjurkärr has one of Sweden's most valuable broad-leaved deciduous forests, since it is very rich in species. The bird life is rich and you can find unusual insects, moss and lichen here.

The other entrance to the national park is situated by the left shore of Åsnen and near the mountain Trollberget. Here you can find leaflets about the national park and also both broad-leaved deciduous trees and conifer trees such as pine and fir trees. Additionally, there is a shore by the lake and wetland forest, all in the same small area. A lot of families with children come here to see the deep where the trolls celebrated Christmas and the path called Skogsslingans fem skogsriken, which means The Forest path with the five forest kingdoms.

Some places in the national park have toilets, fire places and resting places. Some have paths marked with different colours and a wooden deck near the lake where you can unpack your basket with Swedish fika and just enjoy the view of Åsnen, with all its lakes and water.

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