VÄXJÖ – EUROPe'S First MODERN wooden city

In Växjö, houses and properties have been built in wood construction since the 1990s and are becoming increasingly prominent in our municipality every year. It also made us the Wooden City of the Year 2019. Växjö Municipality's wooden building strategy states that by 2020, 50 per cent of the houses built by the municipality will be built of wood.

Why do we build in wood?

The biggest reason for building in wood is that it is durable throughout its life cycle - from being built to being demolished. It is important that the house is stable over time. A wooden house binds carbon dioxide during the life of the building and reduces the use of carbon dioxide compared to steel and concrete. Producing and building in wood results in lower energy use than construction in other materials. Wood also provides a better indoor climate.

Wood is a light material and also a regional raw material where all the wood's ingredients are used, create jobs, produce different wood products and produce electricity, heat and cooling. In addition to developing existing business, it creates conditions for new companies, products and innovations and contributes to cutting-edge research.

Many visits to the wooden house area Välle Broar

In the southern part of Växjö lies Välle Broar, between Växjösjön and Trummen, and is one of our wooden building areas. Here, various types of housing are built, including student housing but also sports halls, such as Södra's Climate Arena - a tennis hall with passive technology. At Välludden, part of Välle Broar, Växjö's first tall wooden houses (up to 5 floors) were built during the period 1994 - 95. At Välle Broar are also the notable eight-storey Limnologist houses. They received the 2010 Stora Samhällsbyggarpriset (Big Society Builder Award). The area has aroused great national and international interest and led to many study visits. An interest that continues to grow. (Over 1,0000 visits only to the Limnologist)

For more information:

www.vaxjo.se/studiebesok External link, opens in new window.
www.vaxjo.se/technicalvisits External link, opens in new window.

About environmental work in Växjö Municipality

Växjö Municipality's environmental and climate work is well known both nationally and internationally. It started with lake restorations in the 60s and continued from the mid-90s with a goal of Fossil Fuel Free Växjö - reducing fossil carbon dioxide emissions. It is about seeing every effort as part of a larger whole. Building in wood has several climate benefits and is part of this whole.


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