Teleborg castle

Teleborgs Slott is surrounded by a beautiful park, located at the shore of lake Trummen. Here you will meet a living castle and a castle-life seething with inspiration and creativity.

The castle was a "morning gift" (the groom's gift to the bride on the morning after the wedding) of the wealthy and slightly eccentric Count Fredrik Bonde of Björnö to his young wife Anna Koskull. The castle's exterior is virtually unchanged today and the building creates an exciting eye-catcher, situated between beech trees, lime trees and rhododendron. The park, girdling the building, is a heart-balm all year around and perfect for the mandatory conference break.

The castle has different rooms, each and every one with it’s on history, suitable for groups of eight up to hundred people. It offers a perfect setting for conferences, lectures, concerts etc. The rooms can be rented separately or in combination as needed. There is free parking for all guests.

As a hotel, the castle and the gatehouses have a total of 29 rooms – 7 suites, 15 double rooms and 7 single rooms. The hotel even hosts a sauna and a small jacuzzi. The meals at the castle are spectacular for both eye and palate. The rooms' beautiful furniture and table settings create a perfect atmosphere for conference luncheons, official dinners and wedding parties!


  • 30 rooms
  • Resturant
  • Parking
  • Internet


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